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GFD AR-15 .17HMR

The GFD AR17HMR is the World's First gas-operated direct impingement, semi-automatic rimfire upper receiver for the AR-15 rifle.

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The single most accurate semi auto 17hmr!

Jesse Mathewson (the Survivalist Blog)

“This bad boy is definitely half-inch groups at 100 yards for 5 shots and even smaller than that for 3 shots.”

Nito Mortera (AP2020)

“It is very accurate and will displace the shots exactly where I need them! “I love it! It’s brought the passion of the 17HMR back.”

Eric Mayer (Varminter Magazine)

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Rimfire Central - Garrow Firearms

Garrow Firearms Development 17hmr locked bolt gas operated AR upper. Plenty of tech specs, professional opinions, and straight talk about the GFD AR.17HMR.

Rimfire Central Blog


The Firearms Blog - Garrow Firearms

A roller-locked gas operated .17 HMR AR15 upper? You have my attention. Garrow FirearmsDevelopment is announcing the availability of a complete upper receiver group for the AR platform that allows for the use of all milspec triggers. At a reasonable $599 price point, semi auto .17 HMR is within reach.

The Firearms Blog


Varminter.com - Hunt Report

We slay a bunch of marauding prairie dogs and put the GFD 17HMR to the test out in the field, with heat, dust and everything else we run into while roaming the high desert.  The upper functioned well, with no glitches and proved to be very accurate.

The full review and range report will be published on Friday, Nov 10th.

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